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A Ranking Of The Best To Worst Things Women Can Do After Sex [HE SAID / SHE SAID]

Nothing complicated about it, this week we’re tackling a list of the best to worst things that chicks can do after sex. Here they are:

1. (WORST) Cry

2. Call her friends while still in bed

3. Make us cuddle

4. Take our clothes for their walk of shame

5. Ask what’s you guys are doing together for the rest of the day

6. Asking for feedback

7. Have a meaningful conversation

8. Enjoy the fact that we’re cuddling a little too much

9. Go to the bathroom and take a shower

10. Bring us a glass of cold non-alcoholic beverage of our choice

11. Ask which sports games are on

12. Clean up

13. Offer to give you a massage

14. Light a cigarette/blunt (or bring you a nightcap if you don’t smoke)

15. (BEST) Go to right to sleep (or get dressed and leave if she’s a one night stand)


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