Miss COED Of The Year 2013 Megan Retzlaff’s Victory Photo Shoot [16 PHOTOS]

Last year, hundreds of women competed to become Miss Coed 2013, but only one of them was hot enough to end up in front of our camera for the 2013 Miss COED of the Year photo shoot.

Based on your votes, Megan Retzlaff took the crown, landing the title of Miss COED 2013, and so we took her down to New Orleans for Super Bowl weekend where beyond hitting up all the big game’s hottest parties, we also set her up with photographer Crawford Morgan.

The first round of photos from this shoot can be seen below, with more arriving in the coming weeks.

Hopefully, you feel like your votes paid off. As you’ll see in the pics below, we think you guys did a great job — second only to the great work Megan did posing for the camera.

And special thanks to Crawford Morgan for giving us one of our best photo shoots yet.

Crawford Morgan: Facebook

Megan Retzlaff: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



    1. Leonard Landriault says:

      Megan your the best,wishing you a most beautiful life,God Bless Your Heart.

    2. Chris says:

      Congratulations Megan you are the best and I am very happy for you. )))

    3. Homer Simpson says:

      Does anyone else think her face and body are not proportional. She seems to have such a small face for a rather large body.

      1. Robert X. says:

        Uhhhhhh, nope.

    4. john dav ies says:

      a beauitiful young lady all the best to yoy.

    5. karl says:


    6. fapping pal says:

      Nice shots! Hope to see an even hotter Megan Retzlaff exposing more skin.

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