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‘Harlem Shake’ Update: Baauer Does Reddit AMA & A New Best Harlem Shake Video Emerges? [VIDEO]

Yesterday was a hell of a day for music AMAs on Reddit. First, shortly after noon, Thom Yorke of Radiohead and producer Nigel Godrich took to the IAmA subreddit to discuss their new Atoms for Peace project.

Then, from 4pm to 6pm, Baauer — the producer behind the viral hit song “Harlem Shake” — allowed Redditors to “ask me anything” over on the Music subreddit.

It was AMA fun for everyone from teenagers to aging ’90s hipsters.

I’d love to recap what Baauer had to say, but you’re better off digging through it yourselves. Check out his AMA here.

Meanwhile, on the front page of Reddit, a post entitled “Takes the Harlem Shake cake” linked to a video claiming to be the “Best Harlem Shake EVER” that mashes up a classic Internet clip with the newest viral phenomenon…

Whether it really is the best is up to you. Baauer’s favorites according to his AMA: “I think the under water one is pretty great. also the T-Pain one.”

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