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See Her Tonight [Ella Rae Peck On DECEPTION]

Ella Rae Peck on Deception

(10 PM EST, NBC)

Start the week off the right way by gazing at the beauty is Ella Rae Peck on NBC’s new show, Deception. Ella plays the character Mia Bowers on tonight’s episode that features Edward making a disturbing discovery about Lyritrol three weeks before it’s due to hit the shelves and also a gunfight breaks out as Joanna chases down a lead.

The lovely Ella Rae Peck is a Minnesota beauty that is best known as Lola Rhodes on Gossip Girl. She has also been featured on Without A Trace, Law & Order and The Good Wife. Be sure to give her a follow and say hi on Twitter @EllaRae612.

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