Could Apple’s Next Big Thing Be An iWatch?

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Apple has always had a hard time keeping their big reveals from being revealed. The fervor for their newest gadgets are just too massive and exciting to contain whether it’s a new cell phone with touch screen capabilities, a flat screen tablet with touch screen capabilities or a slightly smaller flat screen tablet with touch screen capabilities.

Lately, Apple has been hard at work on something big and the rumors have been flying around like so many flies vying for a tiny bite of a tasty rack of barbecued ribs. The New York Times thinks the next item on its to-innovate list is the wristwatch. The NYT’s old grey lady’s “Bits” blog reported that several unnamed sources said Apple is experimenting with a “smart watch” in the shape of a “curved glass device” that also has smartphone, app and media playing capabilities. Of course, a watch would be a bit harder to pull off since you have to actually wear it but Corning has developed a new “bendable glass” that could be turned into just such a device.

So far, Apple isn’t confirming anything but that hasn’t stopped everyone with a blog and enough money to buy an Apple product from speculating on what the device would look like, what it could do or how much it would cost. One speculative take on what an iPhone-like wristwatch might look like is seen above courtesy of Ciccarese Design.

But if you really can’t wait, try duct taping your iPhone or iPod to your wrist.

via Mashable / image via ciccaresedesign