R.I.P. Lanier Greig, Keyboardist From ZZ Top [VIDEO]

Anybody who was in ZZ Top, even if it was just for a year, is cooler than we’ll ever be.

Lanier Greig is case in point. Dude wasn’t in the band for “Legs,” “Sharp Dressed Man,” or even “Burger Man,” but he was on their song “Salt Lick,” which is still pretty awesome. We get it, he wasn’t right for the band, just like Les Claypool wasn’t right for Metallica as a bassist. Wrong vibe.

But we know that ZZ Top will miss Lanier, who died at 64, old for a rocker but young for a civilian, and if he was a good man, he’s on his way to a heaven not unlike the world of the “Burger Man” video above: classic cars, ’50s-style fast food, and some buxom American honeys serving him hand and foot.

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    1. Rick H. says:

      Lanier Greig witch this Video has nothing to do with was one of those rare underrated Musicians that was as good or better then 99% of the well known successful Keyboardist , just listen to Salt lick and Millers Farm ,he effortlessly blended in with Gibbons so well it's hard to tell who was playing what but it sounded so good the young Willey Goat BFG never sounded better . Maybe Ham thought he did not fit but ZZ Top should have used him just as the Stones used Ian Stewart . Lanier was a Prodigy , by age 5 he had mastered the Old Masters and did Concerts at that age , I can't even imagine what effect that would be on ones head . He offered up his talent to any up and coming young artist . He just loved to play . His studio work , everyone has heard him playing on huge hits of well known Artist . Holland Greig has his own Ministry , Non profit so donations can be written off , so give and write it off ! He goes into some strange remote areas and could use all the help he can get .
      RIP Peace Lanier , you wont be forgotten , pretty hard to forget you !

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