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See Her Tonight [Lili Simmons On BANSHEE]

Lili Simmons on Banshee


End the work week on the most positive note possible by checking out the beauty that is Lili Simmons on the new hit show, Banshee. Lili plays the character Rebecca Bowman on tonight’s episode which features a former convict from┬áLucas’ past┬ápassing through town and Proctor can’t get a reverend to sell his home for the casino expansion. They should just put a casino in the church. Win-win.

The lovely Miss Simmons is a model and a former Disney Channel star who has been seen in such projects as Geek Charming, Vegas and Hollywood Is Like High School With Money. Be sure to follow and give a shout out to the beautiful Lili on Twitter @Liliflower33 and maybe she’ll notice you exist before she becomes ultra famous.

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