60 Sexiest Jennifer Love Hewitt GIFs

If you missed the first season of The Client List, don’t worry about having to play catch up before the Season 2 premiere on March 10th — we’ve got all the story you need to know.

OK, so truth be told, this is really just a compilation of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s most GIF-worthy moments. But I’m like 99% certain that’s the focus of the show.



  1. @rwburnhamiv says:

    Might want to re-check these. I saw about ten repeats. Good collection though.

  2. AP says BS says:

    BS; JLH had implants! She was on Party of Five, took a break, came back and was noticibly bigger. And it was all in her chest. So BS!

  3. Terry says:

    JLH was still going through puberty when she was on part of 5.

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