Official Betting Odds For The Next Pope

After hearing that Pope Benedict XVI was resigning, I’m sure for many of you, your first question was, “Who’s going to be the next pope?” And then your second question was, “And where can I bet on it?”

Many sites will allow you to bet on who will succeed Mr. XVI as the next king of the Catholics. Sure none of these sites are in the United States, but that’s cool. Just call up you cousin across the pond and I’m sure he’ll be happy to get your holy action in.

We’ve decided to go with the fine folks over at Sky Bet to provide us with the proper papal props.

Check out our galley below to find the nine favorites and their odds in this horse race…

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    1. Preferiti says:

      Do your homework Mike. Cardinal Francis Arinze is already 80 and therefore not able to vote in Conclave. Also there is an American that I think has a chance that no one is talking about. Cardinal Burke who is on the Roman Curia in Rome.

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      Epigram Impetus Bible…? and the Circle of Impetus Circle of Leaders….huh…? Who all….?

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