See Her Tonight [Lauren Cohen On THE WALKING DEAD]

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Lauren Cohen on The Walking Dead


You know what takes some of the edge off the overly addicted and annoying die hard fans of The Walking Dead who will take over your Facebook and Twitter feeds tonight? Ignoring all of them by just staring relentlessly at the beauty that is Lauren Cohen. Lauren plays the character Maggie on the show in which tonight’s returning episode features The General and the group continuing to wage war against each other. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll see a zombie or two. And that’s a big maybe.

The lovely Miss Cohen was born in Philadelphia but moved to England in her teens before she became an actress. You may have seen her before her stardom in TWD in Chuck, The Vampire Diaries and in the film, Casanova. Stalk her like a zombie with no remorse on Twitter @LaurenCohen.