2 Chainz’s “Based On A T.r.u. Story”: Our Grammy Pick For Best Rap Album [VIDEO]

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They say when a genius becomes to smart, he loses his mind and ends up dead or in a mental hospital.

But before you lose your mind, you reach a moment of clarity where you see the world for what it is, like Neo in “The Matrix,” picking speeding bullets out of the air.

Rapper 2 Chainz is a smart dude. He graduated second in his high school class dude. When he went into the studio for “Based On A T.r.u. Story,” he had his Neo moment. Which is why he came out with songs like “I’m Different,” and more importantly, “Birthday Song.” You could read the lyrics to the song or just watch the above video, but either way you’ll understand that this is a guy who understands life and what he needs out of it.

A lot of the rap albums this year are good, but Mr. Chainz is a special dude, and this should be his year, otherwise we might actually have to bury him up in the liquor sto’.