Chinese New Year: Tonight’s Party That’s Definitely Crazier Than Yours [PHOTOS]

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They're like jellyfish

The biggest country in the world is about to celebrate the craziest New Year’s on its calendar: The Year Of The Snake.

And that means that 1.5 billion people are going to get weird and crazy like nothing you’ve ever seen in the United States, unless you happened to be in the Chinatown of San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles the last time Chinese people celebrated the beginning of the Snake year. This is the lucky year, when parents wait to get pregnant so their kid can be born on a lucky year and then grow up unlucky because everyone had kids that year and his class is overcrowded and there’s no college spots open for him.

According to Chinese mythology, some sort of giant monster is about to attack and destroy China right before New Year’s, so they have to make a lot of noise and light fireworks to scare him away. That’s cool and all, but several of us here at COED tried using that excuse with the police and they just beat the piss out of us with their billy clubs.

Check out these pictures so you can see how crazy they get in China over this ish.