Kate Upton Covers The 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue?!? [PHOTOS]

Just when everyone was convinced that Nina Agdal was going to be on the cover of the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, this bombshell drops on Twitter (first on @FashionCopious then on @BleacherReport). If this cover is for real (which it still might not be) this would mark the second year in a row that Kate Upton has nailed the cover.

Like we said, this photo isn’t in any way linked to Sports Illustrated, so it’s still speculation. But if it’s fake, you gotta admit that someone’s done a damned good job. Here’s why:

1. This photo looks like the set from the photos posted on TMZ a few months back.

2. There were reports that Hannah Davis was going to be on the cover. She is, right there on top of the “D.”

3. A photo leaked on Twitter around this time last year with Kate on the cover.

I think the most important thing to take away from the whole thing is that if this cover is to be believed, the text clearly states that Kate will be in body paint. Looks like her GQ photoshoot is finally going to have some competition.

UPDATE: SI has confirmed the cover.

via @FashionCopious/@BleacherReport



    1. benbennson says:

      Suck in your gut, Kate! You're stunningly gorgeous, so don't let your belly take away from the rest of the image!

      1. Nick says:

        you're a pig. this is what produces swarms of anorexic girls striving to have unattainable body types.

    2. ima db says:

      what gut?

    3. Barbie says:

      I agree…she doesn't have any curves. Looks like she just chowed down at In-N-Out

    4. Mike Smoogey says:

      This Broad is flat out GORGEOUS!!! She can chow down with me at the in n out all day long!!!!!!

    5. YoJoLo says:

      The picture looks weird. Her head looks too small for her body. They used some kind of a curved lens to bring her mid-section forward-thus enhancing the breast and stomach area. That's where the comments about a big belly are coming from. Just a trick of the camera making her head look micro. I too think it makes her belly look big.

    6. legend says:

      Amazing … if her brain was only 1% the size of those voluptuous ta-ta's she would be the smartest human walking the planet. Then again … who cares?!?

    7. enm97 says:

      Just think her dad is a US Congressman…and Republican at that!!!

      1. Ebin says:

        Her uncle.

    8. carolanne says:

      Loving Letarte's mesh bottoms!

    9. Michael says:

      I have seen other SI models posing with the cover so it must be real. I dont know if it is the actual cover the are going with but…it is real.

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