Who Should Be Miss COED February 2013? [VOTING + PHOTOS]

Another month, another bevy of beautiful women to check out as we recruit you, our readers, to choose the Miss COED you want to see again in the Miss COED of the Year (2014) competition. As always, we’ve included the models’ names, photos, and links to their original posts.

This time around, voters are not only choosing who gets to represent the month of February in the Miss COED of the Year voting, they also determine which deserving lady receives a cash prize of $500. That’s something that we’re going to be doing for the whole year. So yeah, the stakes have just been raised.

Our voting procedure is still the same. Check out each of the ladies photos by clicking on their thumbnails, then vote for your favorite in the poll below (only once every 24 hours). Voting ends Tuesday, February 12th @ 12:01 EST.

Left to right: Ingrid Ulrich, Marlene Mendez, Christine Narayan

Left to right: Sierra Rene, Stephanie Bernota, Nicole Michelle

Left to right: Karin Braun, Kelli Serio, Brittany Roto

Left to right: Johnnie Cartwright, Aileen Tie, Alli Yaple

Left to right: Cassy Cameron, Lina Shekhovstova, Julia Biniek

Left to right: Lauren La Carriere, Ryan Leigh, Lauren Gebhart

Center: Dionusia Patricia



    1. Jakeallan says:

      Sierra Rene all the way!

    2. paula says:

      Good Luck Sierra we love you ….

    3. Emily says:

      Vote for Julia Biniek…Scarlett Johannsen look alike…

    4. Grind-Mode says:

      Go johnnie

    5. Carol Rose says:

      Johnnie is way the best of all of them. Please vote for her.

    6. born2coach says:

      Io thought Lauren La Carriere was the best option. Hopefully she will become a Playboy Bunny like her mother.

    7. sonny says:

      Johnnie is absolutely gorgeous

    8. Sarah says:

      GO JOHNNIE!!

    9. Fan says:

      Go Sierra Rene

    10. Carlos V says:

      If COED is a college girls magazine, why pro-model like Sierra Rene who don't attend college enter this contest ???
      What are the rules for ??

    11. Jim says:

      Nicole Michelle is the nicest here !!!!

      1. Mike says:

        Hey Jim….Looks like we have a old fashion horse race here between, Nicole, Johnnie and Sierra Rene. My bet is Sierra Rene.

    12. Freddy Cortez says:

      Good luck Nicole Michelle. I hope you win. You are beautiful.

    13. terry stottlemyer says:

      wana vote for nichole

    14. Claude says:

      good luck Nicole

    15. Ron says:

      Good luck Nichole!

    16. Christopher Dumler says:

      Johnnie,Johnnie all the way,The New Miss Feb. COED

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