Awesome And Inappropriate Snow Sculptures [18 PHOTOS]

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What’s up with this weather!? Am I right?? It’s like, Hey, God, why didn’t you create humans smart enough to believe in global warming!? Am I right???

Anyway, hopefully where you are, you got snow, because snow is FUN!

Skiing, snow days, snowball fights, bobsledding, snow angels, ice skating, hockey, going to Lake Tahoe and only gambling… I could think of things off the top of my head all day.

But one of the best parts of snow is making snowmen. Or, if you are a true artiste, making a snow sculpture.

Snow sculptures, in my mind at least, encompass anything that isn’t three sh*tty balls of snow and a f**king carrot. And you have many options from being talented and making something amazing to being untalented and just making something provocative.

We covered both types of snow sculptures in our gallery below. Enjoy and stay warm.