All 47 Super Bowls Ranked By Their Logo

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Super Bowl logos

Technically, I’ve been alive for 32 Super Bowls. Of those, I remember the outcome of just one: the San Francisco 49ers defeating the Cincinnati Bengals in 1989, aka Super Bowl XXIII. You don’t forget a time when the Bengals make a Super Bowl.

Of the other 31, I wasn’t fully conscious, either due to my developing baby brain, my drunk adult brain or my bored-to-death-this-game-sucks brain.

But there’s one thing my brain will never forget: terrible Super Bowl logos.

Sure, graphic designers didn’t have a decent version of Photoshop until the 1990s, but that still doesn’t excuse the atrocities that have been trotted out for the biggest sporting event of the year over the past 47 years.

We’ve gone and ranked every Super Bowl based on its logo. It’s a sad state of affairs, but at least there’s some decent stuff as you work your way to the top of the list…

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