The Story Of How The First Ever Super Bowl TD Was Scored By A Guy With A Hangover Told Through Animation [VIDEO]

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Super Bowl I — also not known as Super Bowl I — is a thing of legend.

First off, at the time, it was actually known as the “First AFL-NFL World Championship Game.” Super Bowls weren’t called Super Bowls until Super Bowl III, at which point sports historians went back with whiteout and altered all the record books.

Second, Super Bowls weren’t as big of a deal back in 1967. Sure, the sport was popular enough to have two separate professional leagues that finished their season by competing against each other in a World Championship Game, but as Paul Hornung mentioned in the video above, “The stadium’s not a full stadium…10,000 seats were empty.”

Truth be told, according to Wikipedia, “Of the 94,000 seat capacity in the Coliseum, 33,000 went unsold [and] local newspapers printed editorials about what they viewed as a then-exorbitant $12 USD price for tickets.”

But enough of my history lesson, let’s get to the video above, which is Green Bay Packers player Paul Hornung telling the tale of how his teammate Max McGee was hungover when he scored the first ever Super Bowl TD.

Max didn’t win the MVP as he predicted (not many wide receivers have), but it’s a great story nonetheless…