The Super Bowl By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

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BREAKING NEWS: The Super Bowl is this Sunday.

Numbers are always a big part of the football. First of all, the Super Bowl has a number attached to it: this year it’s 47. Then there is the score. This year it’s going to be Colin Kaepernick over Ray Lewis, 49 – 10. (That’s right, Baltimore. Get ready to be owned.)

Then all the players are wearing numbers. And then there’s the number of times you’re going to groan from a terrible Super Bowl ad.

Then there’s the number of people who will show up to your always disappointing Super Bowl party: 0.

Anyway, we were sent this infographic that covers some of the Super Bowl’s lesser known numbers, and we thought, Hey, here’s a good chance for people to check out if the scroll wheel on their mouse is working.

Fire that bad boy up…!


Game Statistics from TicketCity