Cheerleaders of Super Bowl XLVII Showdown [PHOTOS]

You don’t have to be a genius to predict that Super Bowl XLVII is going to be the most-watched television event of the year. Even if the game didn’t feature the two of the toughest teams in the NFL, history shows thats viewership for the game has increased every year since 2001 (except for the 2005 game, but everyone hates Philadelphia).

You can be damned sure that both the Ravens and the 49ers cheerleaders are more than aware that 1/3 of America will be watching, and will be looking their finest as they scream and dance for their squads.

Seeing as how we’re in the spirit of competition this week, why not vote for which cheerleading squad is bringing more heat? Check out each team’s photos then vote for your favorite at the bottom.


(photo via

San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush

NFC Super Bowl Banner



(photo via superherohype)

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders

AFC Super Bowl Banner




    1. cant wait to see the ads during this superbowl!

    2. Bob says:

      Very nice ladies on both sides of the field,for sure.

    3. Michael says:

      Wassup to all my fellow Ravens fam and (UD alumni!!!) ! I found chance to win FREE framed Ravens photo from the Super Bowl – $225 value. The photos on there look tight!!! Check it out at
      Go Ravens!!!

    4. kassim says:

      Hi please,
      Send me info. on ma email.

    5. Guest says:

      Who cares about the cheerleaders? We want the players

    6. Rich says:

      Okay, it is no longer an issue of how high they can jump, or how loud they can cheer, or how fast they can dance. It is all about cleavage! Once we recognize and agree that all women have breasts and all women can find and buy a bra that pushes their breasts up to form the illusion… it's all over. It's a celebration of silicon and push-up bras… Now let the women of the world display their charm and their intelligence, things that are more important in our society.

    7. Del says:

      They are all 50 pounds overweight. I'm Not going to watch the game.

    8. guest says:

      get your dicks outta your hands you perverts

    9. dcw says:

      Can we talk about fake breasts? And to Rich above…you're a nut!

    10. Tony says:

      Pig Skin, silicone and cleavage – what an event!

    11. AK47 says:

      I'm voting for the Ravens on this one !!!!

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