Breaking Bad’s Gone Lego [PHOTOS]

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Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

Adults who grew up with lego now have a reason to keep going.

And that reason has something to do with the best tv show in American history: “Breaking Bad.” Yes, it’s better than “The Wire,” which should have ended after the fourth season, but that’s an argument for another time. The geniuses at Citizen Brick have cooked up a “chemistry enthusiast” replica lego man who without a doubt is Walter White, and the nerds over at Imgur have used parts of various lego sets to make the meth trailer, the meth lab, and even the meth itself, “Blue Sky.”

Did you realize that as a man this is actually an appropriate use of your time? These dudes right now are at bars turning down girls’ phone numbers because their 64 GB smart phones are full.

Here’s what we’re talking about.

via Hollywood Reporter