Saturday Night Music Fight [January 19, 2013]

Mike likes 70s music. Wyatt has more modern tastes. Both of these COED editors think they have what it takes to kick off your Saturday night.

Check out their picks and then vote for your favorite below.

Mike’s Pick

F**ck all y’all! I’m going to make some changes this week. First, I’m going to start cursing more. Second, I’m not going to pick a song from the ’70s this week. I’m still going to pick an old song (at least old by modern standards… from about 6 years ago). And I’m still going to pick a song that sounds like it’s from the ’70s. But I’m not going to pick a song from the ’70s. I’m going with “Tiger” by Cheeseburger. So take it.

Wyatt’s Pick

I was going to wait until the official version of this track dropped but considering that I’ve been listening to this on repeat I figured I’d get it out of the way as soon as possible. Maybe now I can get it out of my head. Anyways, here’s a trap version of one of the hottest Kanye songs of 2012 by TNGHT, two of the hottest producers on the planet right now.



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