WTF, Trader Joe’s: Two Buck Chuck Will No Longer Cost Two Bucks

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Your days as a classy wine drinker are over! Trader Joe’s has officially raised the price of their infamous “Two Buck Chuck” Charles Shaw wine from $1.99 to $2.49.

Press Democrat quotes a source within Trader Joe’s as saying, “We’ve held a $1.99 retail price for 11 years. Quite a bit has happened during those years and the move to $2.49 allows us to offer the same quality that has made the wine famous the world over.”

That’s right: they’re doing it to insure quality.

Hey, Trader Joe’s, know why we’re out there buying $2 bottles of wine? I’ll tell you this: it ain’t for f**king quality.

If I wanted “quality,” I’d splurge for one of them super fancy $4 Panilonco Chilean Cabernet Sauvignons LIKE A BALLER.

Here’s a thought, Joe, why don’t you keep our sh*tty cheap wine cheap and sh*tty. Thanks.

Now if you excuse me, I’ve got to go eat lunch out of a trash can BECAUSE THIS IS HOW US WINE DRINKERS LIVE.

via Foodbeast

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