The 5 Most Beautiful Female Athletes Of The 2013 X Games [PHOTOS]

The 2013 Winter X Games have begun. Yeah, everyone’s going to be talking about Shaun White but our focus is going to be on some other athletes with long hair. Namely, the female athletes.

If you recall from an earlier post, we’re obsessed with any/and all chicks who can hit the slopes. So the Winter X Games? That’s like paradise to us.

Here are the five women you’ll want to see go big in this year’s three-day competition.

Silje Norendal

Silje Norendal

Age: 19 | Country: Norway | Sponsor: Nike, K2, Oakley

Gretchen Blieler


Age: 31 | Country: USA | Sponsor: K2, Oakley, Giro

Hannah Teter

Hannah Teter

Age: 26 | Country: USA | Sponsor: Mountain Dew, Anon, Burton

Torah Bright

Torah Bright

Age: 26 | Country: Australia | Sponsor: Roxy, Boost Mobile

Aimee Fuller

Aimee Fuller

Age: Text | Country: UK | Sponsor: Red Bull, Roxy, Vans



    1. gail says:

      who wants to chill wit a girl that'll kick urfuckinass? okay i will

    2. Scorpiokarma says:

      What is more important, THE SPORT or THE BODY??

    3. yummy says:

      i would do dirty things to all of those chicks

      1. *UncoSame* says:

        Yeah, that was disturbing. Nobody wants to hear your mind out loud like that….

    4. The Truth says:

      None of them are very attractive. You guys need to get out more!!

      1. nycbass says:

        Silje is a complete smokeshow. Your username is misleading.

      2. UncleUncle says:

        Silje is hot, the rest are just blonde

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