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Michael Phelps Allegedly Dating Sex-Tape Star Jasmine Waltz [PHOTOS]

Normally Hollywood gossip sites don’t catch our attention… but when they start talking about the winningest athlete in Olympics history (Michael Phelps) dating some chick with her own sex tape (Jasmine Waltz), we start listening.

Apparently Michael Phelps has started dating Jasmine, just months after he ditched thoroughbred hottie Megan Rosse. The reason everyone’s paying attention to the story is because Jasmine is well-known for dating somewhat famous men (Vinne from The Jersey Shore, David Arquette, Ryan Seacrest [?]) and starring in her own sex-tape for which she was paid $60k .

This “news” shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that dumping a beautiful model for some Vegas Megan Fox look-alike is par for the course when start dressing like a douchey poker bro.

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