Is Mike Watson The NHL’s Most Convincing Doppleganger?

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Well, it didn’t take hockey very long to get interesting. During the Senators’ home-opener on Monday, the cameras caught what can only be explained as some break in the space-time continuum. Because if my eyes don’t mistake me, that is 100% a doppleganger of the Senators’ head coach Paul Maclean sitting behind him.

The word on the hockey forums/boards is that Paul Maclean #2 (real name possibly Mike Watson) isn’t even playing a practical joke — those are his company seats. Unfortunately, there’s no word as to whether or not Mike’s the man behind the brand-new Twitter handle @EvilPaulMaclean. Only in hockey can you have two people in the same stadium looking like this, let alone sitting right next to each other.

Am I the only person who thought that Mike was pulling something out the Bumfights/Dr. Phil prank? Am I the only one who still finds that clip hilarious?

Edit: Sportsnet, the Senators’ broadcast company, actually went out of their way to interview the doppleganger. Read the full transcript here.

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