Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Attempt To ‘Be Back’ At The Box Office Bombs Big Time

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“The Terminator,” “Eraser” and “Kindergarten Cop” hasn’t been the star of a movie for almost a decade. It turns out that running an entire state into the ground and impregnating the help can be very time consuming.

Unfortunately, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fans (assuming most of them are still alive or able to go to a theater without assistance from some kind of charitable organization) aren’t welcoming him back with open arms. His new movie The Last Stand with “jackass” star Johnny Knoxville laid a big ol’ turd in the box office’s cereal by premiering at No. 10 in its opening weekend after raking in just $6.3 million in ticket sales.

This means the movie could lose as much as $50 million if it can’t make up for the shortfall in overseas ticket sales. No one expected the movie to be able to beat some of the current, critically acclaimed heavy hitters like Zero Dark Thirty and Django Unchained but it’s a pathetic number for a movie star that once was synonymous with the term “blockbuster.” Now, it seems his name is worth about as much as a Blockbuster Video franchise.

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