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Shut Up Haters: Nicki Minaj Loves Low-End Steak Sauce [PHOTOS]

Nikki Minaj is not a snob, OK?

So when the Bronx native went into asuper shmancy steakhouse in LA and asked for A-1 steak sauce, she didn’t give a s–t that she offended the chef, who spent four years at culinary school learning to hate A-1 like Nazi youth were taught to hate the Jews. Instead, she had someone bring her the low-end stuff into the restaurant.

And you know what? That’s frickin’ awesome in our book. If you’ve ever been into a fancy steakhouse, you’ll know that they work extra hard to maintain the illusion that they’re fancy so they can fleece you for an extra hundred per cut of cow. We’re proud of you, Nikki, for takin’ em down a peg or two. And in honor of you, here’s ten pictures of you with A-1 spilled on your face.

via TMZ

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