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Woman Who Won The Week: Brooke Mueller [PHOTOS]

Brooke Mueller

Having a winning enough smile to convince a judge to end your probation early is, in our minds, also good enough to win the week.

That’s what Brooke Mueller did this week, essentially beating a cocaine possession charge having served barely any probation. Though she would look good in a government-issued ankle bracelet, we prefer to see the way-less-annoying-than-Paris-Hilton socialite outside the house as often as she wants.

Now that she’s free, she’s probably going to figure out new ways to make headlines, as she doesn’t really have much else going on since Charlie Sheen flipped his nut and divorced her. But we’ll still read those headlines, because, um, she’s Brooke Mueller. Here’s some pictures so you’ll see what we mean.

via TMZ

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