These D-Bags Didn’t Want You To Have A Day Off From Work [PHOTOS]

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TopEvan Mecham

30 years ago, you would get wasted on New Year’s Eve, sleep in on January 1st, then have to work pretty much straight through ’til President’s Day.

Which doesn’t happen until the middle of f**kin’ February. But then, after a fifteen-year effort, some enlightened people in Congress said, “Hey, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a badass muthaf**ka, did a bunch of amazing s**t for the country, and deserves a federal holiday named after him.” Think about it, if you get a day off from work because of the man, you’ll most certainly think he’s great. It’s win-win for you and MLK’s legacy.

But MLK was famous for helping black people share water fountains with dumb racist white people, so he had a lot of enemies. Turns out a lot of dumb racist white people are in Congress (for some reason the South is allowed representation in our government), and they didn’t see the virtue in celebrating MLK and giving you the day off. That’s right, not only did they believe in segregating whites and blacks, they believed in segregating you from your paid vacation days.

Here’s some photos of those cranky f**ks who voted against the holiday. You might recognize some of them.