A Giants Fan’s NFC And AFC Championship Game Picks [VIDEO]

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This is the problem with YouTube: This guy right here, making predictions about the NFC and AFC Championship games on video, broadcast to the whole world.

Not only is he wearing flashing-light neon sunglasses that the California Raisins would have punched him in the nuts for wearing, he’s also rocking a New York Jets jersey. You don’t get to make predictions about the four best teams in the NFL when you’re wearing the black cat walking under a ladder while spilling the salt of NFL team jerseys.

But it’s a free country, so I figure if that guy can do it, so can I. Here’s my picks for the championships, which my Giants failed to make because the players were too slow this year, weighed down by those two rings on each of their hands.

San Francisco 49ers Vs. Atlanta Falcons

We’re taking the Falcons, although we don’t want to pick any NFC team. It’s like what the British said about the Iran-Iraq war in the 80′s: “Wouldn’t it be great if they could both lose?” The bookies are saying the 49ers are four-point favorites, but we thrashed the ‘Niners in October 26-3, so I can’t in good conscience predict their victory over a team that shut us the f**k out last month.

New England Patriots Vs. Baltimore Ravens

Same thing holds here. We’ve shwomped the Patriots in two Superbowls, so despite them being favorites by 7.5 points, I’m all about the Ravens, who crushed us in the 2001 Superbowl.

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