Death Row Inmates Last Meals Recreated In Photos [8 Pics]

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In what has to be one of the coolest photo projects I’ve seen in a long time, photographer Henry Hargreaves recreated the last meals of some of the most notorious criminals put to death and took photos of what those meals may have looked like. The series is aptly and interestingly titled “No Seconds.”

What your left with is a portrait of a man as defined by the final thing he ate: whether he projected hope like Ricky Ray Rector and said he was saving [the pie] for later, or whether he was a fat-ass like John Wanye Gacy.

Definitely go check out the rest of Henry work which can be found in bountiful amounts on his Tumblr. So much of it is about as awesome as this is.

We’ve collected his last meal photos for you to see below…

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