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See Her Tonight [Noureen DeWulf On ANGER MANAGEMENT]

Noureen DeWulf on Anger Management


Well, well, well. We’ve got a real treat for you right here with the beauty that is Noureen DeWulf;¬†featured tonight on Charlie Sheen‘s new deal, Anger Management. Noureen plays the character Lacey in this evening’s new episode that features Charlie causing a scene at a baby shower. Because, let’s be honest, anytime Charlie Sheen crosses paths with a baby shower, there’s going to be chaos. And possibly dead hookers.

The Georgia-raised Miss DeWulf has been featured in Ocean’s Thirteen, Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past and The Back-Up Plan. The lovely Noureen is also married to Buffalo Sabres goaltender, Ryan Miller. Give her a follow on Twitter @noureendewilf.

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