Cheerleaders of the 2013 NFL Conference Championship Games [PHOTOS]

You can talk about Chip Kelly and Andy Reid all you want, but remember that there are still four teams concentrating on hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

So while the Eagles are now wondering about whether or not they should keep Michael Vick (no), the teams like the 49ers have cheerleaders are wondering whether or not they should wear red or gold boots (red). Tough decisions all around.

Here are the match-ups from the Conference Championship games this Sunday with the aforementioned cheerleaders. And unlike last week, each team has their own squad.

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NFC Championship game banner

San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons

Sunday, January 20th | Georgia Dome

(3:00 PM | FOX)

AFC Championship BANNER

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

Sunday, January 20th | Gillette Stadium

(6:30 PM | CBS)



    1. EditorGoneMad says:

      whys there houston texans cheerleaders instead of ravens???

      1. Brandon says:

        Ravens on left, Patriots on right. Texans? Where?

      2. Sports Loud Crowd says:

        LMAO , I'll have what Editor is having Please . SMH

    2. mike says:

      San Francisco vs. Atlanta Cheerleaders… SF by a mile… not even close. It seems Atlanta must hire strictly for cheerleader and dance ability because some of those girls are FUGLY!!!

    3. Sports Loud Crowd says:

      49 Ers Crush The Falcons . Patriots win easy over ravens . Overall As much as I HATE to say it PATRIOTS ARE LIL BETTER THAN 49 Ers

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