Phase 1: South Park Creators Start Their Own Studio, Phase 2: ???, Phase 3: Profit!

Trey Parker and Matt Stone created a massive, pop culture media empire with their most famous creation, the long running Comedy Central series South Park, and followed that with one of the most heralded musicals of all time, The Book of Mormon. Now they have made a business move that basically tells the entire Hollywood machine to “respect our authoritah!” [Image via Shutterstock.]

Parker and Stone decided the time was right to cut out the middle men and become middle men on their own. The duo announced over the weekend that they are starting a production company separate from their South Park Studios called Important Studios worth $300 million, according to the New York Times.

This means they can pick and choose the projects they want to work on and release and, considering the pull they already have with Comedy Central and most of the studios, they can pretty much fund and get the greenlight for anything they think is funny. That odor you smell is every Hollywood executive crapping their pants as we speak.

via Uproxx

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