Miss Iowa Admits Supporting All Sorts Of Marijuana During Miss America Pageant [VIDEO]

A contestant in a pageant sounding like an idiot during the question and answer session? Who’d expect that to happen?

Well, at this point, pretty much everyone being that Miss South Carolina’s answer at the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant is one of the better known YouTube videos of all time.

Miss Iowa’s answer during this weekend’s Miss American competition wasn’t anywhere near as incoherent as Miss South Carolina’s botched response, but in some ways, Miss Iowa’s answer is worse being that inadvertently lent her support to all types of marijuana — both “recreational use and healthcare.”

Why are you so nervous, Miss Iowa? You need to get yourself some recreational marijuana and relax.

via Gawker



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    3. Sandra Mahn says:

      She probably could've said things better. Promoting marijuana's medical usefulness won't be helped by subpar answers like that.

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