Old Men Singing At Tim Horton’s [VIDEO]

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So this happened at a Tim Horton’s somewhere on this great continent this week.

So we’d like to analyze some of the characters in this video:

The Alpha Dog

The guy in the middle with the gray sweater, the spiky hair and the white card hanging from his neck that looks like a press pass. He thinks he’s running the show here, which you can see in how seriously he takes it all. That white press pass thing probably just has his name on it because he probably thinks all the dudes around him are so senile that they’d forget his name.

Man In White Fleece Vest

Dude’s barely keeping up with the song. His grandson hasn’t called him in weeks. He lost his blood pressure meds. You guys, this might be all he has left.

Person One Table Over

At 2:03 you can see a dude sitting near them trying his best to concentrate on his newspaper, and he doesn’t even look over at them once. But then at the end, he’s clapping along with everyone else. Don’t they realize he’s a poser?

via Videogum