It’s Floating HDTV Time!

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Every year, we get a bit closer to tv brain implants.

This year is no exception. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, Samsung released it’s design for this badass floating HDTV. You can adjust it up and down, it weighs a bit more than a six pack of beer, and it’s got built-in speakers. Oh yeah, and it’s crazy big and has “Ultra” HD. We’re not sure that’s a real thing, but it sounds cool, so we’re kind of down.

Here’s a few things to be psyched to do:

Watch Football

Yeah, obviously football’s awesome on any big tv, but think about this scenario: all your buddies are over watching the game, and for some reason one of them is a Kansas City Chiefs fan. You make him sit his ass down on the floor, then you tilt the tv as far up as it will go, then sit on the couch with real football fans and enjoy.


If you’re one of those people who still buys dvds of it, you’ll be thankful for not craning your neck or mucking up your couch.


If you decide to be ballin’ and build a throne in your living room, tilting the tv upward will be convenient and will make you feel extra powerful.

via IGN