I Know A Lot Of You Couldn’t Make It To CES This Week, So This Supercut Will Bring The CES Experience To You! [VIDEO]

The annual Consumer Electronics Show isn’t all playing with fun new electronic gadgets and e-drinking; it’s also terrible corporate events.

The Verge did an amazing job capturing the latter experience by distilling down the mess that must have been Qualcomm’s keynote into this amazing supercut.

Is enough to give you one of the rarest feelings of all: that of being thankful that you are not in Las Vegas.

via The High Definite



    1. Curt Morris says:

      That is why I don't bother with the corporate hoopla at events like this. The only reason I'd show up is to check out the latest electronics and gadgets, as well as keep an eye out for any bargains I can find.

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