Why Barry Bonds Didn’t Make The Hall Of Fame: Before And After Steroids Pics

Today began Barry Bonds’ trip down a long and winding road that may never end at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

In his first year of eligibility, it was announced this afternoon that the 7-time MVP and reigning home run king fell short of the 75% of votes necessary to earn entry into Cooperstown by a massive 221 votes. (He received 206 nods, a mere 36.2% of voters.)

There was a time when the thought that a player of Bonds’ caliber wouldn’t make the Hall of Fame would have been astounding. Instead, the astonishment will simply continue to grow from here as more and more steroid era players come up for eligibility and sit on the ballot, praying for a chance to be granted access to a club they once believed entrance into was inevitable.

But for those of you who pooh-pooh the use of steroids, just take one look at the visual evidence of the effect it had on Barry Bonds. Think of him not just as a baseball icon, but as a human being…



    1. palmach one says:

      I do not like Barry Bonds but that last picture was totally unfair. You show him as a teenager of about 15 and compare him to Barry Bonds at roughly age 38yrs old…most of your pictures were like that. I do not want him
      in the Hall but he has a right to a fair judgment after all this is the land of the free.

    2. Ken Lowry says:

      I hope Bonds and other steroid-users never get into the Hall of Fame at all. It would be an insult to the legitimately clean players if they did.

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