Girlfriend Sports News: Puppy Bowl IX Adding ‘Hedgehog Cheerleaders’

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If you’re hoping to watch as much of Super Bowl XLVII as possible, you might want to get an extra TV for your girlfriend. She will ask you constantly to flip over to Animal Planet for this year’s Puppy Bowl.

The Wrap announced that the all-animal channel has drafted some new bundles of cuteness for Puppy Bowl IX in addition to the 63 puppies that will battle for your undying adulation.

The network will put a squad of hedgehog cheerleaders on the field at Geico Stadium. No word yet on what sexy outfits have been chosen or whether mini pom-poms will be taped to their hands.

Also planned: “Puppy Cams” on some of the puppy combatants. And of course, the cuteness showdown will feature the annual “Kitty Halftime Show,” which is bound to be more entertaining than whatever pop-flavored musician the NFL plans to throw at you in between halves.

The Puppy Bowl might be an annual distraction from the big game but it’s clearly one that works since it’s reached its ninth year. It’s also clear that Animal Planet is trying to up their audience with the cheerleader hedgehogs by going after teenage girls and stoners. Maybe they’re hoping munchie-standby Doritios will see the light and opt to invest their annual Super Bowl ad budget in this cheaper opportunity.

via Yahoo! News