All 23 David Bowie Studio Albums Ranked From Worst To Best In Honor Of His 66th Birthday

Today’s been a big day for David Bowie. Not only is it his 66th birthday, he also stunned the music world by announcing that he’ll be releasing his first new album in a decade this March and by making the first single — “Where Are We Now?” — available immediately.

Bowie’s new record, titled The Next Day, will be released on March 12th and will be his 24th studio album — assuming you don’t count his Tin Machine records and his soundtrack albums.

Needless to say, a 24 album discography that will now include releases in six decades — and features numerous incarnations of Bowie from Ziggy Stardust to The Thin White Duke to that thing he played in Labyrinth — can be tough to wrap your head around.

Luckily, we’re here to help you decipher the catalog of an artist who built his name on ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Here are all 23 of David Bowie’s current studio records ranked from worst to best…



    1. mal says:

      Really!!! Hours should not be so low down a completely under estimated album! How can black tie white noise be so low also!!

    2. Tristan says:

      Who the hell made this list? Heathen, Black Tie White Noise and Outside, Young Americans and Diamond Dogs so low on the list!!! What an idiot!

    3. buhj;ijh' says:

      awful list. I know everybody has their own favs, but really? and lodger ahead of low, ziggy, tmwstw etc. – mental

    4. mike farrell says:

      I know these things are always subjective, but Lodger as the best Bowie album?!? Come again?

    5. elorps says:

      What a horrible review!

    6. Holes says:

      Diamond Dogs is one of his best works, ever.

      1. Rob says:

        Agreed. Top 5 easily.

    7. Bowied says:

      Everyone has their own opinion on what is the best and worst Bowie albums but this is a very unbalanced view and not reflective of what the majority would think. I agree with some of the worst albums like 'Tonight' ' and 'Never Let Me Down' etc as they were overall lacking in Bowies usual quality but the best choices are wrong. Lodger is a good album but to suggest it is his best ever work?? Earthling a better album than Heroes?? Lets Dance a better album than Hunky Dory?? Bizzarre!!

    8. tattva says:

      You are right, there's a lot to digest and place an order to with regards to Bowie albums. The ordering I either wholeheartedly agree with or I'm asking "Really?" But it is what you say about each album I like and the way you have assessed the countdown of a tough task.

      On a side note, and glaringly promotional, here's what I wrote for his birthday:

    9. Rob says:

      While I agree with some of these, others are way off base.
      Heroes deserves number 10 spot. It was always over-rated to me with Heroes and V2-Schneider being the only two I like.
      Diamond Dogs to me is one of his best albums ever and should in no way be 12. Top 5 more like it.
      As I worked through this list I was thinking 'where's Lodger?' and got a bad feeling. I seriously can't believe you placed it at 1. I own it and agree it is a forgotten album that deserved better. But better than Aladdin Sane? Better than Ziggy Stardust? No, not by a long shot.
      Even Bowie dislikes this album. He only made it because he was contracted to fulfill his Berlin trilogy, so he bashed this together with very little desire or will so he could finish his contract.

      For me Scary Monsters in 1980 was Bowie's last truly great album. Everything since has been so-so. Maybe I have a bent for Diamond Dogs the same way you do for Lodger. In that case I understand where you're coming from while I still can't agree.

    10. Nick says:

      Lodger IS David Bowie's best album. Whether you like it or not. Awesome list, full of surprising choices and that's exactly how it should have been made. I'm sick and tired of seeing 'Ziggy' or 'Low' at no. 1.

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