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Daily Six Pack: The D*ck Pic Is Our Cultural Legacy, Leilani Dowding & More! [LINKS]

You would think by 2013, we would be a little more advanced than creating things strictly to send dirty pictures of each other via modern technology. But with the rise of apps like Snapchat, we’re getting more and more scrotums and shafts sent worldwide via text/instant messaging/Tumblr/Instagram than ever before. (I, for one, have never sent a dick pic; because, well, I got it like that.) With thousands of dudes feeling the need to share their penis via the interwebs and even B-list celebs getting in on it every now and then (I’m looking at you, Soulja Boy), you would think girls would just rise up and say ‘Please Stop.’ But they don’t, thus, the dick pic will remain.

Check out the rest of today’s six-pack:






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