The 12 Biggest Snubs Of The 2013 NFL Pro Bowl Selection

The NFL just released the lineups for the 2013 Pro Bowl which means that it’s time for fanboys everywhere to start getting mad about which of their favorite players were left off the list. This is funny to me because I can’t remember a single time that I’ve actually enjoyed watching watched a Pro Bowl game. From a fan’s perspective, these exhibitions are extremely boring. But from a player’s perspective, being added to the list can mean a big difference when it comes time to negotiate a contract. It’s all about recognition.

Once again, fans have chosen some of their older favorites (Jeff Saturday?) in place of those who deserve to go. The good news is that with all the injuries and replacements that happen by the time the Hawaiian trips rolls around, some of the players who’ve been snubbed might wind up on the list. Here are 12 players who are hoping to make the cut by January 27th.

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    1. Zimmerman says:

      You missed one. Luke Kuechly who as a rookie is leading the NFL in tackles with 152. I find it odd that someone leading the league in a major statistic is getting snubbed.

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