Inside The McMansion: The Fanciest McDonald’s In The World [PHOTOS]

If you’ve never left New York City before, it might strike you as surprising that not every McDonald’s looks like a homeless shelter. If you’re in the mood for some fancy fast food, head over to Hyde Park, NY — home of the nicest McDonald’s location in the country.

It’s located in a refurbished mansion built in 1795, known as the Denton House. As anyone who’s eaten a CBO will tell you, it’s a good thing that they’ve updated the plumbing system.

via FoodBeast



    1. I've never seen a McDonald's like that before. I wouldn't be surprised if the place even had the plumbing to match the overall motif.

    2. wrapper says:

      Wrong location, the McMansion is located in New Hyde Park (on Long Island, near NYC), not Hyde Park (on the Hudson, near Poughkeepsie).

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