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The Top 25 Movies Of 2012 According To Rotten Tomatoes

Movie review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes released their list of the Top 100 Movies of 2012. Their methodology is simple: they list the movies by how “fresh” they are — the percentage of positive reviews they got from critics.

The problem is that their list is littered with movies that barely anyone saw: flicks that earned critical praise from the few critics who saw it and were ignored by everyone else.

So we made some edits to their list — paring down any movies with less than 100 reviews — leaving the top 25 movies that people were actually talking about in 2012.

Whether you agree with what the critics thought — or how we simplified Rotten Tomatoes’ list — that’s something worth talking about too. Still, from a purely analytical standpoint, it’s hard to argue with this list being a good overview of what films people thought were good in the past year…

h/t Reddit

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