Is This 1984 Coors Light High School Reunion Commercial The Greatest Beer Ad Ever? [VIDEO]

Some people get depressed around Christmas: maybe you have to work (ahem) or maybe you’re spending Christmas alone or maybe you’re Jewish (ahem)… Well, regardless of the cause, if you’re feeling down right about now, check out this 1984 Coors Light commercial featuring possibly the saddest people of all time attending their high school reunion and be thankful you’re not them!

You’re feeling better already, am I right??

via @mccarthyredhead



    1. Sssssssssss says:

      Poster must be 12 years old. Lame!

    2. Jocasta says:

      Don't know about it being the great ad for a beer, but it's certainly one of the worst beers ever: insipid yellow piss water.

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