Urinal Cakes That Look Like Actual Cakes [PICS]

The biggest problem with urinal cakes: they aren’t actual cakes! Well, that and how they splash your own piss back at you. But also how they aren’t actual cakes!

Thing is, no one would want to eat a cake that people have been pissing on — multiple people, over and over again, with all their different varieties of urine.

But you can have the next best thing: urinal cakes that look like actual cakes.

According to Foodbeast, the cakes “come in 5 ‘flavors,’ including a two-layer strawberry cake, a birthday cake, a wedding cake, a cupcake and hotcakes.” You can see more image below.

Unfortunately, theseĀ  aren’t yet available commercially. So for now, just throw some Little Debbie in your toilet. That’s where they belong anyway! Long live Hostess.

images via Carmichael Collective / via Foodbeast

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    1. That would have been a tragic waste if those cakes were real. I mean, come on – who puts cakes there of all places?

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