The 10 Least Viral Videos Of 2012

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Best Viral Videos of the Year lists — everybody has one. Or maybe they have a Worst Viral Videos of the Year list. Or maybe they’re lazy and just go by the numbers and pick the Most Viral Videos of the Year. Regardless or their angle, all these lists have the same problem… you’ve already seen all those videos.

Who wants to see the same videos over and over and over again on a million different lists on a million different sites? That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of videos you haven’t seen. In fact, it’s a list of videos so un-viral, there’s no possible way you could ever have seen them. It’s our 10 Least Viral Videos of the Year …and it’s as amazing as it sounds.

We scoured YouTube for the most boring videos on the lamest topics with the lowest amount of views and dug up these gems that can never be polished because they’re actually just rocks of garbage!

It’s the Internet list to end all Internet lists. And for those who don’t believe us, we dare you to find less viral videos from 2012. My guess is you won’t be able to handle the agonizing tedium of undertaking the process. Luckily, we’ve done it for you…

10) “broken tv”

Upload Date: September 7
# of Views Upon Discovery:
About: Yup, that TV looks broken.

9) “Safco Onyx 4 Drawer Cart”

Upload Date: February 6
# of Views Upon Discovery:
About: This sales video for Safco Products has been up for 10 months and still only has 17 views. You should be able to get that many just by passing it around the company. Someone’s getting fired.

8) “The River”

Upload Date: April 2
# of Views Upon Discovery:
About: In the video description it reads, “edited in iMovie.” Uh… “edited”??

7) “Hailey, just before the first All Star game starts”

Upload Date: June 23
# of Views Upon Discovery:
About: Um, hey, next time, why don’t you SHOW US THE ALL STAR GAME.

6) “And still more train videos”

Upload Date: July 3
# of Views Upon Discovery:
About: You ever wonder what silently looking out the window of a moving train is like? Yeah, it’s like this.

5) “Trumpet high c hold”

Upload Date: July 30
# of Views Upon Discovery:
About: Yes, 28 views is pretty high for a “least” viral video of the year, but there is something about this video that really just catches my fancy. Maybe it’s that it would be just as easy to film yourself playing the trumpet instead of… the wall… of the bathroom you’re in?

4) “How to throw a shirt on the ground!”

Upload Date: August 3
# of Views Upon Discovery:
About: Some of you might ask, “How is this not viral!? It does what it promises!” Uh, no. It shows a shirt being thrown on the ground. It doesn’t show how to throw a shirt on the ground. “How to” fail.

3) “Flies eating a dead bee”

Upload Date: April 22
# of Views Upon Discovery:
Description: With a title like that… Um… Yeah, I guess the title says it all.

2) “My turtle doing nothing!!”

Upload Date: July 16
# of Views Upon Discovery:
Description: I’ll give this kid credit… he sure knows how to title a YouTube video.

1) “Marc Suderman #101 – Iceberg Lettuce: Feb. 22, 2012″

Upload Date: March 5
# of Views Upon Discovery:
Description: Not only does Marc Sunderman take 2012 honors for Least Viral Video, he also earns our accolades as 2012′s Least Viral Channel on YouTube! What’s his angle? He puts out short videos of crop fields. It’s the literal equivalent of watching grass grow. His work on iceberg lettuce in particular is amazing. I especially love this masterpiece that was released on December 19, 2011, just missing this year’s cut. Congratulations to Marc Suderman!