‘Pain And Gain’ Might Actually Be A Movie With The Rock I Could Watch [VIDEO]

[vimeo w=590]

There hasn’t been a movie with The Rock that I’ve been excited to see since Walking Tall. But add (I can’t believe I’m saying this) a little Michael Bay, some Marky Mark, and Tupac from Notorious and it looks like you’ve got something.

And no, Fast 5 is not something I plan on seeing.



    1. agha hassan mirza says:

      cool i like to see this movie

    2. @ood26 says:

      "Faster" is a really good movie. Definitely my favorite Rock movie.

    3. andreY says:

      хороший фильм должен быть и подбор актёров на высоте!

    4. GtheMVP says:

      The Rundown was great fun, I really enjoyed that. I haven't been a fan of his movies, and I'm a huge "ROCK" WWE fan. This flick looks very promising too!

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