12 ‘Merry-juana Christmas’ Trees [PICS]

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There was always one main dividing factor when it came to Christmas decorations: you either belonged to “a real tree family” or “a fake tree family.”

On one side your holiday season kicked off when you climbed up into the attic with your fingers crossed in the hopes that a nation of spiders hadn’t laid claim to you flame-resistant synthetic tree. On the other side you got to take a trip to pick out a freshly cut, good smelling tree (after arguing about which size and shape), and then you got to argue about how to get it home.

Once it’s decorated though (and the smell of pine/the attic wears off), it’s hard to tell the difference. That is, unless your “real tree” is actually a “really illegal tree” (it doesn’t matter what state you live in, even if it’s legal, a six-foot tall weed-tree is over your state’s weight allowance), because the smell will never fade, and despite being green, no one is going to believe that your tree is anything but a really bad place to hide your stash.

But that’s not to say it’s not awesome or impressive.